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What is Myttas?

Myttas is the point at which art, architecture, and design converge.
The first brand of homes conceived as collectable works.
Creations that are unique. Unrepeatable.
Where every decision has a narrative intention.
Where each element is a poetic manifestation.
And where every corner transcends its natural function and acquires a transcendental dimension.
Like art, Myttas invites you to think, to feel.
It opens the door to a connection between the person and the space.
Between the individual and their experience of the work.
Myttas is the first brand that goes beyond real estate.
Placing you at the center of a creative, personal, and simply sublime expression.

An idea already in development .

Myttas is an utterly unparalleled project. These homes are conceived as works of art—a statement that delineates the difference between mere possession and true appreciation. It is an approach to sophistication where luxury is a genuine and personal vision, where talent permeates forms, ideas, and materials.


These are places to feel, to share, to collect, to admire.


A project that is already underway with several developments in the city of Madrid. And soon in other cities around the world.

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Who is behind Myttas?

Myttas finds its origin in Adrián Toquero (founder and CEO of Lhotse Group). It arises from an artistic, genuine, and unique vision. With the conviction that genuine luxury is linked to inspiration, delicate craftsmanship, intuition, and talent, Adrián breathes life unto Myttas as the first brand of homes conceived as collectable works.


Adrian’s vision is complemented by the artistic direction of the project, carried out by Iñigo Aragón and Pablo López Navarro (founders and creative directors of Casa Josephine), leaders of the Spanish architecture, decoration and design scene, with projects featured in publications such as AD Spain, Elle Décor, T Magazine (The New York Times Style Magazine), AD Germany, Living Etc, Vanity, among many others.

Club Myttas

To own a Myttas is to know how to appreciate, enjoy, and live life. It also means being a member of our exclusive Club Myttas, a privileged service offering designed to satisfy the most discerning tastes and needs of each owner.


Through a personal assistant, you will have access to everything you need and desire, enjoying unmatched comfort and peace of mind. You will receive ultra-personalized attention, granting you access to the city’s finest spas and fitness centers, as well as a myriad of other services such as trip planning, the organization of private dinners, or attendance at events and shows. Whatever your desire, wherever you may be, we will take care of it. All you have to do is enjoy.


In addition to these services, we take care of the comprehensive maintenance of your Myttas, ensuring a perfect state of preservation before, during, and after your stay.


On the other hand, if you wish, we also offer the opportunity to monetize your Myttas during periods of inactivity, thanks to our relationships with prestigious hotel chains, audiovisual production companies, and media outlets.

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Myttas Uno

An exclusive unveiling is on the horizon to introduce the Myttas brand and its inaugural creation: Myttas Uno.


For more information about the project, please contact your liaison person, who will provide you with the details to access the private area.